How to Unblock YouTube in School

youtube-blockedKids at school undoubtedly spend time going on YouTube for non-educational purposes. For an assumption, maybe 1% will actually try to look for something useful, but the majority will use it for other things. Yet another reason is because of limited bandwidth provided in the schools. These are the reasons why schools have policies that cannot let student go on community based websites plus they don’t want students getting distracted during class.

YouTube would take a lot of bandwidth, without any doubt, and strain the network and the network is supposed to be used for academic purposes. However, sometimes YouTube is necessary and sometimes even educational. So for all those students out there who are suffering from the same problem, here are a few ways to evade the block:

  • Proxies:

The simplest and most common way to get around school blocks is to use a proxy service. Since schools know about this problem, most proxy services are blocked. However, in most cases, they cannot block secured connections. Proxies are really easy to use, you go to the proxy website and then you put in the URL of the website you want to go to.

proxy is a kind of gateway that passes information between the computer you’re on and the website you want to go to, in this case it’s YouTube. The proxy goes to the website in your place, downloads the page, and sends it off to you. So the website you want to be on only sees the proxy’s IP. So in effect you are surfing sites indirectly. School filters only see you visiting the proxy, not the site you actually want.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN):vpn

A virtual private network, also known as a VPN is a way to connect to a network outside of your own. Generally this is used to gain access to a network, but in this case we will be using it to escape our filtered network. This is more complex than a proxy, but is guaranteed to work. One great open VPN is Tor. Let’s show you how to get and setup Tor, if you want to setup your own VPN, we suggest you use Google.


Download Tor which will probably be blocked, so use a proxy service listed above to access the download. Next step is to install Tor. Installation process is quite straight forward, just install it. Once it is installed, it is ready to go and will automatically start each time you start your computer (don’t worry, it won’t make your computer slow). And then, make your browser use Tor. Depending on your browser this varies, use of Firefox browser is recommended, since it’s the easiest.

Install Tor button. This allows you to turn the use of Tor on and off with the click of a button.Restart Firefox. Click the thing that says “tor is disabled” in the bottom right of your Firefox window.Tor is now enabled, enjoy the freedom. Yes, it is somewhat slow so only use it when you need it.

  • Another way of unblocking YouTube at school is by making your own proxy tool. This is harder than using a proxy but it’s a lot nicer to have because you’re in control. Explaining how to do this is beyond limited currently, but if you search for “How to make your own proxy” you will find info. You can also earn money from your proxy by letting people advertise on it.
  • Hotspot shield is one of the best in the software to unblock websites. It is small in size and easy to use but one problem that makes it less in rating is appearing of the ads. When you open it you will have ads on top of your screen which causes to decrease speed and thus resulting ina bad user experience.

Other ways to unblock YouTube in schools are by using translator sites, like Google Translate or Babelfish. You can also try using Google’s cache version of the site. Although, you cannot login that way, so it’s still best to use proxies for YouTube, though these tips work with most websites. Remember one fact: You cannot change your universal IP address at any cost provided by your internet service provider.  You will only be surfing as anonymous user on the internet, temporarily, and nobody will know about your IP address.

YouTube and Privacy Issues

YouTube-LogoYouTube, with parent company Google, was the top web-property for activity of people within the United States for quite some time. Like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks it has been the center of attention. Over 4 billion videos were viewed and an untold amount of money was generated through its ad network. However, privacy concerns have been coming forward by YouTube users who happen to be frustrated with the policies it holds.

Consider this one example of a privacy concern while sharing: If someone makes a video of theirs private, there is a caption as to how many people can view that particular video. It has to be 25 people.  However, if a YouTube user doesn’t want to offend anyone and also happens to be popular by having a substantial amount of subscribers, this user will want to reach more than just 25 people. This situation will result in no more privacy to the video as it will make the entire option of privatizing videos pointless.

Another option that was offered recently was to make a video on YouTube “unlisted”. As the name suggests, the video that is unlisted is not advertised on YouTube which is very unlikely for every other video uploaded here. This is considered as a major breakthrough but the privacy concerns still remains for the subscribers who receive this link can in turn forward the link to those who are not subscribed to that particular person. The video still gets shared over the network. Using this option, YouTube provides its users with a link to the video and the users can, in turn, forward that link to anyone they wish to share that particular video with. This option is a bit better than making a video private for it.

One advantage to having an unlisted video is that YouTube users can share the link with as many people as they want to. Another advantage is that an unlisted video does not get advertised on YouTube like every other video. With the advantages attached, there are disadvantages too. The sharing of the link to each and every subscriber to that popular kid is very time-consuming for him. And to think of it this way that all the effort is for just one video, it is alarming indeed. Another disadvantage is that the link still gets to the wrong hands no matter how much privacy you try to get through an unlisted video option. When you share the link with each of your subscribers, there is no limited sharing and the subscribers continue to share with their friends. The cycle of making your video public to just everyone is thereby repeated all over again thereby making this option of privacy useless and pointless.

A solution to all the mentioned, and even unmentioned, privacy issues is quite simple: provide a YouTube video sharing option of “friends only”. This is kind of like Facebook and other social networking websites that are doing a great deal of business via the same. They believe in their user’s right of privacy and care about the popularity too.

There would be many advantages to having videos posted to your friends only: Firstly, even if these videos were advertised on YouTube like every other video, no one from outside of the user’s friend’s list would be able to view the content of the video even if someone from that user’s friend’s list provides a link to that video to their friends. Secondly, with the “friend’s only” option, everyone “friended” and subscribed to the YouTube user would be notified immediately that a new video has been uploaded. This would save you, as the YouTube user, several minutes of time that you usually take to provide links to each and every one to your numerous subscribers. Thirdly, the responsibility of who will and will not be offended by the opinions or contents expressed in the video falls on the YouTube user that is you in a case. This is so because it is ultimately you who has to decide and approve/disapprove of the friend request in the first place.

If this option ever appears on YouTube then it will be a success for good.An additional tip: If you’d like to keep your YouTube activity private from strangers, you can do that with account privacysettings.  Control who is allowed to send you messages and share videos, and what others can see and know about your videos. Keep a track of everything!

How to Unblock YouTube Using a Proxy Website

youtube-unblockUnblock YouTube today using a web-based proxy website. It is easy to use and completely portable! Proxy websites, acting as an intermediary, saves your identity. There are many features that a certain proxy website may include. Cookie management is just one of many which help in the website spreading the cookies on your computer through the website to remind you as a user there the next time you log in. It also lets you surf the internet anonymously with the messages between you and the proxy being delivered and received are encrypted.

When you visit a website with a web-based proxy website as an intermediary, it is not your identity that is revealed but is the IP address of the proxy website itself. It is anonymous and there are several reasons why you would want to use a proxy website instead of directly using it from your network which sends the IP address of your computer thereby unraveling your identity.

Depending on where you live, you may encounter one of the following messages when trying to access some YouTube videos:

  • This video is not available in your country
  • The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
  • This video contains content from ___, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

Apparently, either YouTube or the poster of the video had a problem with your country and has decided to block it or only allow a few select countries to view that video. Depending on where you live, this could be a major issue. Some countries have it worse than others, for example: most of the music videos on YouTube are banned in Germany.

If you found a YouTube video that appears to be blocked, the only way to view that video is to actually be located in that country. Alternatively, you could use proxies to disguise your connection to make it appear to YouTube as if you’re located in one of the “allowed countries” for that video.The problem is that you have no idea where that YouTube video is blocked. All you know is that it’s certainly not available in your country.

When YouTube displays a message about some video not being available in your region, it provides no other helpful information such as the list of countries where that video is allowed to be viewed. A YouTube video is either blocked in all countries with some countries being an exception or it is allowed everywhere with some exceptions. In either case, all you have to do is find a proxy that is located in one of those countries where that YouTube video is allowed to be viewed.

The simplest and the fastest way would be to use web-proxies, specifically those powered by Glype. Newer versions of their software include the YouTube plugin that lets you watch YouTube videos while masking behind their IP address. Find a web-proxy that is located in one of the “allowed countries” for a YouTube video, and you should be able to watch that video through a web-Proxy. The list of web-proxies can be found by simply entering “web proxy” into your search bar in your browser.

Yet another reason of your inability to access YouTube could be that it is blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). So if YouTube is blocked by your Internet Service Provider, no problem. Just get a hold of any web-based proxy website on the internet and type in the URL for YouTube in the search bar available in the proxy website. While many such websites make use of advertisements in abundance with YouTube stuck in between, there are several out there that help control this which is actually a very special feature of that particular proxy website. The advertisements surrounding the website is indeed very irritating and all you want to at that very moment is wish there was a way to get rid of them. Luckily, there is. Just pick the right proxy that goes with your needs and enjoy YouTube the way you used to.

Another valid question that may arise is that how to choose the right proxy. Well, just open your browser, use a good search engine such as Google and type “Proxy websites for YouTube” or you may get as specific as you want to. The search results would show several results. Choose any of the website and see if you could manage browsing in between ads and other disturbances. If not, then it’s time to switch to the next proxy in the search results. The features that you are looking for may be there right in the beginning of that website and it will become easier for you to know that this is it. However, this may come by several trial and error methods till the time you reach the right website. And now, what to do when you reach one? A proxy website carries no rocket-science and works just like a search engine, easy to use and portable. In place of a search query, you have to enter the URL of YouTube and there you are! The best thing about a proxy website is that you need not install or download anything on the computer. It is portable.

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